For all of you visual thinkers out there, here are the maps from my posts, collected in one place (click on links to go back to my original posts).  Most recent are first:

In this downloadable presentation you may find many maps and information on the settlements in East Jerusalem:


Ramat Shlomo plans

Plans for new construction in East Jerusalem — Givat HaMatos

Map of Sheikh Jarrah


Plans for Silwan

Maps prepared by the Antiquities Authority show no archaeological findings in the al-Bustan area, nor is there any archaeological site with the potential of presentation to the public. “Salomon’s Garden” which is planned at Al-Bustan could as well be built in any other place in the city and the king’s life could be reconstructed there. There is no evidence or special findings in this site, except for its proximity to ancient Jerusalem.

600 new Pisgat Ze’ev housing units

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