About Peace Now

About Us

Peace Now is the leading voice of Israeli public pressure for peace.


  • support the right of Israel to exist within secure borders and the right of our neighbors to do the same;
  • advocate for a politically-negotiated 2-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;
  • believe that Israel’s unique status as a free and open democratic society in the Middle East endows the Israeli public with a special responsibility to promote the basic human rights of freedom, justice, and equality for all people in this region; and
  • work to break down divisive stereotypes through education on both sides of the conflict.

Visit our website at: www.peacenow.org.ilWe survive on donations!  Visit here now to make a secured donation.

Peace Now was founded in 1978 during the Israeli-Egyptian peace talks.  At a moment when these talks appeared to be collapsing, a group of 348 reserve officers and soldiers from Israeli army combat units published an open letter to the Prime Minister of Israel calling upon the government to make sure this opportunity for peace was not lost.  Tens of thousands of Israelis sent in support for the letter, and the movement was born.

Today we are Israel’s most veteran and diverse peace movement with over 10,000 members from the Middle East and around the world.  Our work has been supported and endorsed by hundreds of prominent academics, politicians, and philosophers, including Amos Oz and David Grossman.

The majority of Israelis and Palestinians support a peaceful 2-state solution.  Peace Now insists that politicians on both sides of this issue serve their constituencies by creating the reality of peace NOW.


Peace Now works to ensure that both Israelis and Palestinians embrace the only viable solution to the conflict: the creation of a Palestinian state in the territories adjacent to Israel, which were occupied as a result of the 1967 war – A Two State Solution.

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