Settlers Move in another House in Jaebl Mukaber

A group of settlers’ guards, entered this morning at 2.00 am, into a 5 floors building in Jabel Mukaber. The building was built several years ago by a Palestinian, and was probably sold to the settlers.

Two years ago, settlers moved in another house, at the same street, which is being guarded by guards and cameras 24 hours a day.

For me, this new settlement, at the heart of a Palestinian neighborhood is not only a dangerous provocation which is threatening the stability in the fragile situation of Jerusalem, but also a threat to the possibility to get to a two states solution and a compromise in Jerusalem.  It is no accident that the settlers choose to move in now, just after the Government announced 3000 units in settlements. It seems as if the Government has set the norm, and showed that it wishes to establish as many settlements as possible, to prevent the two states solution.


JabelMukaber031212The new house, now settlement, in Jabel Mukaber

jabel mukaber2 - small

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