New Tenders in Har Homa C Aiming at the Two States Solution

It seems to me that Netanyahu decided really to kill the two states solution. He continues with his plan to bloc between Bethlehem and the southern Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem so that no Palestinian capital will be able to be established in East Jerusalem. Today (4/4/12) Tenders for 800 housing units were issued in Har Homa C, and another 72  in Har Homa B.

Har Homa C is a dramatic expansion of the very problematic Har Homa neighborhood. Har Homa was built  by Netanyahu when he was Prime Minister in 1997, and was meant to bloc East Jerusalem from the South. Har Homa C, expands it further South-East to bloc the potential corridor of Palestinian contiguity that was left. In all negotiation rounds till today (including the Geneva Initiative) the Palestinians refused to accept Har Homa as part of Israel because it destroys their future development of the Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem, and it was built already after the peace process started.

The new severe tender was in the pipeline: the plan was approved on August 2011, and in December 2011, when the Ministry of Housing published its list of upcoming tenders, Har Homa C was there. The Israeli government will probably claim that the tender that was issued today was not new, because it was on that list. However, this way the government is trying to avoid critiques:  when the list is published, “it’s only a list of future tenders, no contractor can bid for the rights to build before the actual issuing of the tender”; and when the tender is actually issued (like today in Har Homa C), the government would say, “it was already published on the list, it’s not new…”.

Summary of today’s tenders:
632 units in Har Homa C
Additional 168 units in Har Homa C.
22 units in Har Homa B (in plan 12825 that was approved in August 2011).
Additional 50 units in Har Homa B.
Four commercial buildings in Har Homa B.
180 units in the West Bank Settlement of Givat Ze’ev (at the Ultra-Orthodox Agan Ha’ayalot neighborhood)


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