Upcoming Events in East Jerusalem

Here are some of the upcoming dates and events in East Jerusalem:

  • Thursday 26/5/11, 9:00 am, Jerusalem Hashalom Court (Judge Mossek) – hearing – the eviction case of the settlers against the Sabbah family of Sheikh Jarrah (Case No. T”A 19795/08)
  • Thursday 26/5/11, 10:30 am, Jerusalem Hashalom Court (Judge Gad Arnberg) – hearing – the eviction case of the settlers against the Hamdallah family of Ras El-Amud (Case No. RA”Z 23030/03/1)
  • Thursday 26/5/11, 1:00 pm, Jerusalem District Court (Judges Miryam Mizrahi, Yoram Noam, Noam Solberg) – hearing – the Parking Lots Case that the Jerusalem Municipality wants to seize from the Palestinian owners in Wadi Hilweh Silwan.
  • Sunday, 29/5/11, 1:00 pm, The Regional Planning Committee – discussion (approval or rejection) of a plan to legalize a house in the Bustan neighborhood that got a demolition order (plan no. 14149).
  • Monday 30/5/11, 6:30 pm, “The City of David” site in Wadi Hilweh – the Moskowitz Prize ceremony – hundreds of settlers supporters expected in the event.
  • Wednesday 1/6/11, evening, The Old City – the traditional “Jerusalem March” of thousands of settlers in the Old City streets.
  • Thursday 16/6/11, 10:50 am, The Regional Planning Committe – discussion of plan no. 10188 The Shalom Forest in Abu-Tor, where the Elad association is holding touristic activities.
  • Wednesday 22/6/11, 2:00 pm, the Jerusalem District Court (Judge Yoram Noam) – hearing – the demolitions case of the Bustan neighborhood (case no. A”P 34318/08/10)
  • Tuesday 5/7/11, 9:30 am, The Jerusalem District Court (Judge Miryam Mizrachi) – hearing  – the eviction case of the settlers against the Ruweidi Family in Wadi Hilweh, based on an “absentee declaration” made in 1987.

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