Two Palestinian Families Threatened with Eviction in Beit Hanina

Another case of implementation of “the right of return” to Jews in East Jerusalem:

The Jerusalem Court ordered the eviction of 2 Palestinian families from their homes in Beit Hanina

Kol Yisrael Radio reported today that the Jerusalem local court ordered two weeks ago the eviction of two Palestinian families from their homes in Beit Hanina in East Jerusalem. The attorney of the families said that they will appeal against the decision to the district court.

According to the plaintiff, an Israeli named Meir Azari (reportedly former Israeli Ambassador to Iran), the land belonged to Jews before 1948, and he bought it from the owners during the 1980’s. Following the 1948 war the land was turned over to the Jordanian Custodian of Properties of the Enemy, and after 1967 was turned back to the original Jewish owners.

Like the eviction of families in Sheikh Jarrah, here also we see the implementation of “the right of return” of Jews to the properties lost during the 1948 war, while the Palestinians are denied that right.

During the court hearing it turned out that the Hebrew University owns parts of the disputed land and tried to sell its part to a Palestinian group a few years ago, but the transaction was not fully completed. However, The Hebrew University did not join the plaintiff.

If the families will eventually be forced to evict the houses and settlers will come in, it will be a new settlement in East Jerusalem, and the first one in the Palestinian neighborhood of Beit Hanina. A plan for construction of dozens of units near the disputed houses was approved last July. According to previous publications, parts of those lands belongs to people that are connected to the settlers and there is a possibility that they will seek to build new houses for settlers in Beit Hanina.

To read the court ruling (in Hebrew): click here

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