The Director of Silwan Community Center, Jawad Siyam, arrested

UPDATE, 7/1/11 – Jawad Siyam was released for home arrest in Silwan.

AN UPDATE FROM THE COURT (5/1/11): The arrest of Jawad Siyam was extended in another 48 hours. The police submitted “confidential evidents” to the judge, that were not shown to the suspect and his lawyer.  From the questions of the judge to the police it was clear that there were no evidence, including in the confidential material that might connect Siyam to the event, apart from the complaint itself.  On Friday, 7/1/11, there should be another hearing on the matter.

Meanwhile in Silwan, Adnan Ghaith, was arrested by the police earlier this afternoon (5/1/11), could be at the same charge.

The Full Story:
The Jerusalem police raided this afternoon (4/1/11) the Palestinian community center of Wadi Hilweh, in Silwan (MADA) and arrested the director, Mr. Jawad Siyam, during the children’s classes and in front of their eyes. There are many question marks regarding the legality of the arrest and the real reason of it. This action by the police is coming only few days before another political activist in Silwan, Adnan Ghaith is about to be expelled from Jerusalem for 4 months following the security authorities order. In the case of Jawad Siyam, he was investigated about his political activity and not about the alleged assault accusations.

Jawad Siyam is the founder of the Madaa community center in Wadi Hilweh, which is run by the people of Silwan and for them (the Jerusalem Municipality have never established community centers or informal education programs in Silwan). Siyam is also one of the leaders of the community of the Palestinian neighborhood which is suffering from constant pressure of the settlement of “the City of David“.

The official excuse of the police was that the arrest came following a complaint of a Palestinian who claimed that Siyam attacked him. However, the arrest was done without an injunction (thus, illegally), and Siyam was not taken to the regular criminal department but to the special department in the police which deals with “Palestinian” issues (AKA “The Minorities department”). Siyam was investigated about his political activity and about his activity in the community center and at the information center of Wadi Hilweh ( and not about the alleged assault.

Siyam is to stay arrested for the night and tomorrow morning will be brought in front of a judge for arrest extension.

Siyam (at the left side of the photo) at the community center during his arrest.

See more:

Recently Jawad Siyam was on the CBS 60 minutes show, October 2010:


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