A New Plan for 625 Units in Pisgat Zeev is Being Deposited

A new plan for 625 housing units in Pisgat Zeev was published for public review on the 25th of November (plan no. 11647 “Pisgat Ze’ev North”). The depositing of a plan for public review is part of the planning procedures in which the public is granted 60 days to file objections and reservations to the plan. After the depositing, the regional planning committee should convene to discuss the objections and approve the plan, a procedure that might take a year or two.

Plan No. 11647 “Pisgat Ze’ev North”

The timing of the depositing is not accidental. Since the Beiden visit in March 2010, the government of Israel stopped any promotion of significant plans in East Jerusalem. Since the end of the Settlement Moratorium in September, we have seen a stream of new approvals and provocations in Jerusalem, for example:

  • The depositing of the Har Homa C plan, for 983 units and another 362 in Har Homa B and Ramot,
  • Tenders for the construction of 238 units in Ramot and Pisgat Ze’ev.
  • The establishment of a new settlement in Jabel Mukaber and A-Tur
  • The final validation of the Moghrabi Bridge in the Western Wall Plaza.
  • An expulsion order for 4 months for a Palestinian activist from the Bustan neighborhood in Silwan.
  • House demolitions in Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem (Issawiya and Sheikh Jarrah)

Meanwhile, in the West Bank, the settlers are building in an unprecedented scale, constructing approx. 1600 new housing starts in less than 2 months, thus compensating for the 10 months moratorium.

It seams that Netanyahu created the long debate and discussion over the extension of the renewal of the moratorium (for another 90 days) and is delaying the decision in order to create a window of opportunities to build as many facts on the ground as possible.

The ad of the depositing of the plan in the newspaper of Maariv.


One Response to A New Plan for 625 Units in Pisgat Zeev is Being Deposited

  1. LaughingAllTheWayToTheWestBank says:

    Oh noes. The Jooos are moving in! 🙂 🙂

    Keep in mind the left-wing Muslonazi Palestinian Authority and Apartheid Kingdom of Saudi Arabia forbid infidels from living in Makkah and Ram’Shaytan.

    Israel should adopt the same policy for Jerusalem. The Muslonazis and subhuman Leftists who have forfeited their Humanity should be forcibly relocated to Makkah and Ram’Shaytan so that they can worship Mohammed/Marx in peace.

    Itbach al Liberal Yahud!

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