Yet another plan in East Jerusalem is being promoted

And this time 600 housing units in Pisgat Zee’v:

The Regional Committee for Planning has approved (on January 12th, 2010) the depositing of plan No. 11647, for the construction of some 600 housing units on aprrox. 110 dunams (27 acres).
The plan, under the name of “Pisgat Zeev North” was initiated by the Israeli Land Authority (ILA), on lands that were confiscated by Israel at the 80’s for the construction of a Jewish neighborhood in occupied lands that were annexed to Israel.
The original plan was for some 1,100 housing units, but the ILA decided to reduce it to 600 so that it will be built only on lands owned by the State, and to exclude some 30 dunams that are privately owned.
Although this plan is not going to change dramatically the final status (because it is only a small expansion of the already built Pisgat Zeev neighborhood with its 40,000 Israeli residents), it adds another brick to the wall of mistrust and bad faith that the Israeli Government is building towards the Palestinians. Such a plan, again unmasks the true face of the Israeli government: the declaration on a Moratorium in the settlements, wasn’t a real intention to go to negotiations with the Palestinians, but only to make the impression that Israeli government was ready for peace, so that the pressure will be put on the Palestinians.


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