Creating Connections, One Envelope at a Time

Peace Now Jerusalem Branch and East Jerusalem Residents have composed an Open Letter to West Jerusalemites and we need your help to distribute it.

Recent events in East Jerusalem, including house evictions of Palestinian residents, demolitions, settlement growth in the area, have caused much concern to many peace activists who feel that the area is becoming a hotbed for Israeli right wing extremists and could not only lead to a third intifada but the end of a compromise in Jerusalem.

Most Israeli citizens have no idea of what is happening in East Jerusalem including the moral, personal and political costs of these policies.

In order to combat this Peace Now’s Jerusalem branch of volunteers joined together with Nassar Gawhi, a resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood Sheik Jarrah, to compose an open letter to Israeli Jewish residents of West Jerusalem, to explain what is happening in their very own city.

The letter describes the situation in East Jerusalem from Nasser’s family point of view and also has a map of Jerusalem to explain the situation on the ground.

The letter also urges the residents to do something to stop the situation deteriorating and encourages them to contact Peace Now to become part of a new group working politically and publicly to stop these destructive politically motivated actions in the city.

To produce and send this letter to over 20,000 households will cost: $15,000 .00
75 cents per letter – donate $30 and cover 40 letters!!!

Help us reach our goal – click here now to make a secured donation.

Click here for the translation of the letter into English
Click here for the content of the letter in Hebrew


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