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I am the Settlement Watch director for the Israeli peace group Peace Now.  Peace Now is Israel’s most veteran and diverse peace movement (see the About Peace Now tab for more information about our group).

Beginning in 1990, Peace Now decided that one of the most problematic elements of Israeli foreign policy — and one which could potentially derail any future peace talks — was the building and expansion of settlements in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.  For our explanation of the history of East Jerusalem since it was captured by Israel in the 1967 Six-Day War, see the About East Jerusalem tab, above.

East Jerusalem has become a no man’s land, visited only by its residents (mostly Palestinian), diplomats, and ideologically motivated Israeli settlers.  We feel that the more people know what is happening inside East Jerusalem, the better our chances of building a lasting peace in the Middle East are.  Please join as I journey into this disputed area which is important to so many and known to so few.


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